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Full Brush Set

Full Brush Set

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This full brush set comes with six brushes specifically chosen to cover all the basics of cookie decorating. Use brush numbers 10, 8 and 2 for painting with water colours, attach fondant details with brush number 12, dust cornflour with brush 6 and use brush 000 to paint extra fine lines.

The set includes a beautifully soft, roll-up storage case which will help keep your whole brush collection clean and in excellent condition.

This full brush set is sure to add a little sparkle to your decorating!

Product care:

Wash brushes in warm soapy water after use and pat dry before returning to the storage case. Store brushes flat to help maintain their shape.

Product measurements:

Storage case when unrolled- 320mm x 240mm

Brush 12- 13mm

Brush 10- 9mm

Brush 8- 8mm

Brush 6- 32mm

Brush 2- 2mm

Brush 000- 1mm

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