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Individual Brushes

Individual Brushes

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If you're looking to add to your existing brush set, our individual brushes are the perfect option. With a brush for every cookie decorating need, you can gradually restock your collection with ease. 

Brush 12 (Flat 13mm)- Use to attach fondant bases to cookies and to attach larger fondant embellishments.

Brush 10 (Angle 9mm)- Ideal for watercolour painting.

Brush 8 (Filbert 8mm)- Ideal for watercolour painting and attaching smaller fondant details.

Brush 6 (Fan 32mm)- Use to dust silicone moulds with cornflour and to clean up finished cookies.

Brush 2 (Round 2mm)- Ideal for painting small areas and fine lines.

Brush 000 (Fine 1mm)- The perfect fine tip for painting extra small details and very thin lines.

Product care:

Wash brushes in warm soapy water after use and pat dry. Store brushes flat to help maintain their shape.

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